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Common Decal File Cut Issues - Kiss Cut & Transfer Cut

These are the six most common cut isssues that come up for our resellers. Watch the video for step-bystep solutions or simply read the text below. We hope this is helpful!

Issue One: Cut Line is Below Artwork

Sometimes the cut line can be below the artwork. This can happen because the Cut Layer has not been clearly defined. A quick fix for this is to create a new layer for the cut line and label is "Cut." Then take the old cut line from its original layer and put it in the new one on top.

This makes it easier for whoever is looking at the artwork to determine where the decal needs to be cut. 

Issue Two: Loops in the Cut Line

When using Illistartor, sometimes loops can appear in the Cut Line. The cutter will follow this loopy path and cut into the actual artwork. To fix cut line loops, go into the Pen Tool and delete any Anchor Points in the loop. This will make it one solid Cut Line and the printer will be able to properly cut the artwork. 

Issue Three: Cut Lines Are Not Cleaely Labeled

The Cut Line can sometimes look like part of the artwork. Therefore, it is very important to clearly label the Cut Line to avoid confusion when we print it. To easily designate the Cut Line, go to the Layer Panel and create a new layer and label is "cut."

Then move the Cut Line into the new cut layer and then make the Cut Line magenta colored. 

Issue Four: Double Cut Lines

If there are duplicate Cut Lines, the printer will cut the first line and then go back and cut the additional line and this double-cutting could ruin the artwork. To fix this issues, ungroup both of the Cut Lines and delete any extra Cut Lines on the outside so that there is only one line on the outside of the graphic. 

Issue Five: Cut Line is Set to "Fill" not "Stroke"

The printer will not read the Cut Line properly if it is set to Fill. So you need to set the Cut Line to Stroke. Then the Cut Lines will be doubled, so to fix this probelem simply ungroup them and delete any extra Cut Lines.

Issue Six: Decal File Doesn't Meet Transfer Cut Guidelines

Problem: Sometimes, the file is not set to the proper thickness of the guidlines.

Solution: The thickness needs to be at least 1/8th of an inch. Change the thickness setting in the Transform Panel. 

Problem: The text isn't tall enough or thick enough to print. 

Solution: Text needs to be at least 1/2" tall. Change height setting in the Transform Panel.

Problem: Text and Artwork Elements can be too close together for us to print because there isn't enough room left for us to weed out the extra material.

Solution: There needs to be 1/8th inch thickness between artwork elements. 

Problem: Pix within lettering are too small for us to cut inside the letter.

Solution: Make sure that all of the letter and pix meet the thickness and spacing requirements of at least 1/8th inch.