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Flying Banner Displays: Razor Flags for Resellers

Wholesale Razor Flags - Digital Print Solutions

With their distinctive form and capacity to move and flutter in the wind, razor flags, also commonly known as feather flags are created to be highly visible and attention-getting. They are lightweight, making them portable and simple to install!

The Razor Flag is available in 7-foot, 9-foot, 13-foot, and 17-foot size options, along with a variety of base options. Please note that the actual finished flag size is smaller than the listed size. The sizes listed include the printed flag and the base.

On our lightweight flag fabric material, all our feather flag printing uses a direct dye sublimation printing technique. 

If you are looking for a different shape option, check out our custom teardrop flags!

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Unlike conventional flag poles with an aluminum base, feather flag poles are made of a sturdier but flexible Carbon Composite material.

Razor Flags Design Templates - Download the Artwork Template to Create your Designs!

If you would like to design your own custom feather flags, you can download our template and upload it. We will check the artwork and send you a proof to verify that everything looks okay before we will send the order into production.

7 foot Razor Flag 17.25"W x 61.75"H Template
9 foot Rectangle Flag 26.5"W x 78.1"H Template
13 foot Razor Flag 29.5"W x 124"H Template
17 foot Razor Flags 33.5"W x 173.5"H Template


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What material are Razor Flags made from?

A: The flag designs are printed on a light-weight fabric, perfect for catching the wind and grabbing the attention of passersby. 

Q: Are these razor flags waterproof?

A: These products are made to be weather resistant with proper care. Proper maintenance means keeping them free of dirt and debris.

With your flag taken care of and maintained, it is able to withstand rain and wear.

Q: Can photos be printed on the razor flag fabric?

A: Yes, photos look great on this lightweight flag fabric. The material gives images a velvety, classy look.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?

A: The minimum order is one razor flag, but you can order as many as you’d like!

Q: Are these suitable for outdoor use?

A: Feather flags work great both indoors and outdoors.