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Banner Stands and Retractors: Wholesale Banner Stands

Wholesale Banner Stands & Retractors | Digital Print Solutions

Digital Print Solutions has an array of high-quality Banner Stands and Banner Retractors to choose from. 

A banner stand is a retractable, mobile banner display that is used for marketing and advertising. Typically, our wholesale banners are mounted on a frame. While in use, the banner is raised from the stand's base and fastened to a support pole at the top, which maintains the banner's upright position and tautness. Banner stands are frequently used at trade shows, conferences, and exhibits to advertise businesses and their goods. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles, are portable, and are a wonderful advertising choice for your wholesale business or for your customers!

For more information on sizing and pricing, click on a product below:

Economy 1 Retractor Economy 1 Retractor
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Economy 2 Retractors Economy 2 Retractor
View Product
Economy 3 Retractor Economy 3 Retractor
View Product
Economy 4 Retractor Economy 4 Retractor
View Product
Economy 5 Retractor Economy 5 Retractor
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Economy Table Top Retractor Table Top Retractor
View Product
Mini Retractor Mini Retractor
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Signicade Deluxe A-Frame Signicade A-Frame
View Product
Standard Retractor Standard Retractor
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Superb Telescoping Retractor Superb Retractor
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Vertical Banner Stand Vertical Banner Stand
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4mm Coroplast A-Frame Signs 4mm Coroplast A-Frames
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Frequestly Asked Questions


Q: Can I add accessories to this product when purchasing?

A: Yes! You can find accessories for these products and others on this page.

Q: Do these work well for traveling?

A: Absolutely, because they are portable, lightweight, and simple to pack, banner stands are excellent for traveling. The majority of banner stands have a carrying case or bag, making it simple to pack up and transport them from one place to another.

Retractable banner stands may be readily transported in a car trunk, baggage compartment, or even taken on a flight as a carry-on item, because they take up very little room when packed. They are therefore perfect for companies and organizations that go to trade exhibitions or events and need to bring their marketing materials with them.

In addition to being portable, banner stands are also strong and resistant to damage from travel, allowing for many uses over the length of their lifespan. Overall, banner stands are a great option for companies or individuals that regularly travel and require a dependable, efficient marketing piece that can be moved from one place to another.

Q: Do I have to buy the banner or retractor hardware separately?

A: Our banner stands and retractor kits come with the option to buy the hardware, the banner itself, or the complete kit. That way, you can get all of the material that you need—or the replacement piece you need for the banner product that you already have.

Q: How can I design this banner in an effective way?

A: We recommend using large text, and concise language to share a message that people can grasp quickly. Use designs that catch attention and amplify your brand (like brand colors, logos, etc.). Make sure that it is easily readable by using contrasting colors on your text and background. Lastly, ensure that you leave space around your banner margins so that you can ensure that your banner will include all of the beautiful design you just created!