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We have four different types of vinyl decals to choose from: 3M Controltac, Hi Performance Cast Vinyl, Calendered Vinyl and White Reflective. Click on a product below to get started on your order.

Different Types of Vinyl Decals

  3M Controltac Calendered Vinyl Hi Performance Cast Vinyl White Reflective
Size 58" max width 58" max width 58" max width 46" max width
Materials 2 mil semi-gloss   4 mil high-gloss 3 mil 5 mil engineer grade
Lamination 2 mil cast gloss - included included included included
Air Channels Yes No  Yes No 
Life Span 10 years 3-5 years 8 years  
Square / Contour Cut Both Both Both Both


3M Controltac

While this product is changeable and removable, it’s also durable and permanent. This vinyl film features channels that allow air to escape, resulting in a lower occurrence of air bubbles which are common in other self-adhering materials used in large formats. This material is commonly used for vehicle graphics and wraps. Lamination is included in the price of this product.

Calendered Vinyl

Our high-gloss calendered vinyl is perfect for digitally printed decals and use on flat signs. Color stays crisp and bright. When properly applied, this material has a 3-5 year life when continuously used outdoors. This material is commonly used for decals, stickers, and also often applied to coroplast for signs etc.

Hi Performance Cast Vinyl

More durable than our regular calendered vinyl, this material features the same great print quality but also has an 8 year life when continuously used outdoors (obviously, even longer indoors).

White Reflective

White Reflective Decals are printed on an Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl. 

Contour Cut / Pick Charge

The standard finishing for decals is a square cut. You can also get a contour cut finishing for an additional charge. This charge includes 10 picks per square foot. Anything over 10 picks a square foot is subject to a 2 cent per pick fee. This fee will be applied by the customer service representative. You will be contacted if your files are too intricate and subject to this fee.