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Product and Material Information

13 oz. Scrim Vinyl

Our most popular material, 13 oz. scrim vinyl, is made of a strong nylon mesh covered in vinyl. This material not only offers durability–it delivers it. This vinyl has a 3-5 year life span when continuously used outdoors, and a 7-10 year life span when continuously used indoors. A semi-gloss finish provides a great base for sharp digital printing with clarity and vibrancy that lasts for years and that is for visibility of 10+ feet. Our banners are hemmed and grommeted for added durability and for easy hanging..

This material is commonly used for banners.


This material is basically the insides of 9 oz. scrim vinyl. There are criss-crossed fibers which create a printable surface. Much like mesh fabric, you can see through this material to some extent but still also see the printed graphic.

This material is commonly used for banners and screens.

Calendered Vinyl

Our high-gloss calendered vinyl is perfect for digitally printed decals and use on flat signs. Color stays crisp and bright. When properly applied, this material has a 3-5 year life when continuously used outdoors.

This material is commonly used for decals, stickers, and also often applied to coroplast for signs etc.

Hi-Performance Cast Vinyl

More durable than our regular calendered vinyl, this material features the same great print quality but also has an 8 year life when continuously used outdoors (obviously, even longer indoors).

4 MM White Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is a plastic with hollow flutes on the inside. It is a lightweight, waterproof material. Corrugated plastic is printed full color. There is a half inch white space on all sides of the print unless you specify full bleed for an additional charge (20% for each artwork file)

The material is commonly used for yard signs. We have 15" and 30" H stakes available to hold the corrugated plastic signs.

3M ControlTac™

While this product is changeable and removable, it’s also durable and permanent. This vinyl film features channels that allow air to escape, resulting in a lower occurrence of air bubbles which are common in other self-adhering materials used in large formats.

This material is commonly used for vehicle graphics and wraps.

Perforated Window Film

When you want to get a message out or save some money on cooling bills, check out our perforated window film. It’s designed to be applied to the exterior of your window and viewed from the outside. The outside will display a graphic of your choosing (as well as offer a bit of shade) while still allowing you to see our your window with 50/50 see-through. Not sure what we’re talking about? Think about something that sort of resembles a type of foil with hundreds of small holes punched in it; they’re usually seen in the back windows of trucks or in large windows of car dealerships.


We have a wide variety of fabrics available, with direct dye sublimation printing process used and prices starting as low as $3.50 psf. Colors turn out exceptionally vibrant on these fabrics for an eye-popping display. Some of the products that we can make with these materials are table covers, flags, banners, backdrops, and tradeshow displays. Any flag made for outdoor use will typically last 4-6 months.


When you want a banner with a unique texture, look no further. With the look, feel, and visual texture of classic painting canvas and the ability to display full, beautiful color, this material makes for an attention-getter. This material can also be hemmed and grommeted, however the hems will be sewn.

This material is commonly used for high-end displays, banners, and backdrops.

Wall Graphics

When you want to add visuals and graphics to your wall, use Wall Graphics! They are a great new form of advertising. Wall graphics are a polyester based material with adhesive backing. Our 8 mil (including adhesives) material has a photographic print quality. It works well to hide wall imperfections and it reduces the surface glare from bright lights. 58" max print.

Wall graphics can be repositioned without sticking to your wall. It is ideal for flat, smooth, cleaned surfaces like sealed walls, displays, glass, film, cabinets, metal and plastic. We do not recommend using it on wood!

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a great new form of advertising for point of purchase displays, floor signs, decals and directing people where to go. We offer a short term and a long term floor graphic material. 54" max print with a removable acrylic adhesive.

Short term - 1 month indoor durability.

Long term - 6 month indoor durability or 3 months outdoor durability. This exceeds industry standards for slip resistance.


Hems, seams & grommets

The majority of the time we’re asked to put hems and grommets on a banner. With vinyl materials, this is done using a Miller Weldmaster T100 and/or a Miller Weldmaster CMIT 10’. The T100 is designed to weld hems, hems with rope, hems with pockets, overlaps,and can weld straight seams or medium to large curves. “Welding” is what occurs when the vinyl reaches a temperature so high that it actually bonds with itself in the machine, which is why it’s more durable and reliable than sewing the hems. We can also weld two pieces together if our 16’ printer is too small for a job. With canvas-look and cloth materials, the hems are sewn. If you’re not sure what grommets are, think of them as brass eyelets, about the size of a nickel. They’re used when the banner is suspended from something (or somehow going to be hanging up) and hugely reduce the risk of the banner ripping and tearing.