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What is wholesale printing for resellers?

We totally get it. Wholesale reseller printing is a bit of a mouthful. However, the concept is quite basic. You pay us to print your customers' products, and then you sell them back to them.

  1. Flow & Process
  2. The flow goes like this: 
  3. A printing business becomes swamped with orders.
  4. So they reach out to somewhere like Digital Print Solutions. 
  5. We quickly print your orders at wholesale pricing, providing a cost-saving benefit not only for labor purposes but also for materials.


Key Benefits for Resellers

Wholesale Pricing

Being an ASI member with a reseller ID number, opens the door to reseller pricing advantages. We wish to help you get your customers the products that they need, and quickly. 


Anonymity is another key element in reseller printing. Another advantage to the reseller relationship with the distributor is blind shipping or drop shipping. This feature means that your customer won’t know any difference between us having printed their products or you filling the order. 

Catalog & Samples

We offer an extensive product catalog with pricing as well as samples.